Thursday, May 31, 2012

By Any Other Name

Harper said her name tonight for the first time. Not her first name (that happened months ago) but her whole name, first and last. I was getting her dressed after her bath and she said, “Harper Booker” clear as a bell. Then she repeated it about a half a dozen times or so. I called Brad in so he could hear it too, and we had a family hug. I was all teary, although I don’t know why. It’s such a little thing but for some reason I got really emotional.

I just wanted to get it in the blog so I’d always remember this day. The day my little girl really knew her family name.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Caught on Camera

Brad and Harper were goofing around with the camera tonight while I was busy finishing bedtime chores. Those two crack me up.

Rest asssured that we washed her face before putting her down for the night.

P.S. Brad says this is an art film.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Water World

I hope all of you are enjoying the close of your weekend. As for us, Brad, Harper and I had a very relaxing Sunday.

First, we decided to visit the Clearwater Aquarium. I had wanted to go for a while. Besides being a pretty serious marine animal rehabilitation facility, the Clearwater Aquarium was featured in the movie Dolphin Tale. I should confess that I never saw the movie, but all of the hype piqued my interest in the aquarium (plus I had a 2 for 1 coupon).

Dolphin Tale is based on the story of Winter, a three month-old dolphin calf whose tail and lower vertebrae were amputated after she was seriously injured in the wild (presumably after being caught in a crab trap).  Now she swims with the help of a prosthetic tail. Winter still lives at the Clearwater Aquarium, along with two other female dolphin calves, and they are on display in the main aquarium.

Harper had a wonderful time watching the three calves perform. She even started to imitate their clicking. She was, however, even more fascinated with the divers in the tank across from the dolphins. She kept repeating, “People! People!” over and over.  She just couldn’t fathom what the two human beings were doing scuba diving with sharks. Anyway, we also got to see the otters and turtles and various other sea creatures before we left.   

After the aquarium it was still early in the day, so we drove back to downtown Tampa and watched Harper play in the water fountains at Curtis Hixon Park (I thought ahead and brought her swim gear with us just in case). She was deliriously happy racing around in the fountains, even if she did look like a drowned rat (I’m one of those over protective mothers who dresses her kid for a day outside like she’ll burst into flame if solar rays come in contact with her skin).

Afterward we had burritos at (Tampa's legendary) Taco Bus and then headed home. Right now Brad is bathing Harper as I type this, so she is happily waterlogged again. I swear, that kid should grow a tail of her own.

All-in-all it was a lovely day.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Olympic Hopeful

I think all kids love bath time. Harper is no exception. And if bubbles are involved… well, all the better.


She is such a big girl now. She’ll bravely lay on her back in the tub with her ears submerged and practice her “swimming kicks” with a huge grin on her face. We’re looking into swim lessons for her this summer to harness all that aquatic enthusiasm.

I can’t wait to see her paddling around in a real swimming pool! Maybe I should pick up an underwater camera.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chance of Showers

Harper and I were trying to figure out what to do with our day today when it began to drizzle outside. Naturally, Harper wanted to play in the rain, so we stood on the back deck for a few minutes and she caught raindrops on her tongue. Then the drizzle turned into an outright downpour, so I took her back inside to put her rain gear on. By the time she was dressed the rain had stopped (you know how fickle Florida weather can be) but we went outside anyway. Harper stood under the corner of the carport where the rain was still dripping off the roof and had a great time trying to catch the big rain drops and splashing in the new puddles. I snapped a couple of photos. She just loves her rain coat and wellies and her little sun glasses. And just look at that smile!


Observations in water dynamics.

Our soggy scientist.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Worst. Neighbors. Ever.

What I should have received in my mailbox this morning:
Near Neighbor/s,
I wanted to notify you of a party we will be holding at my home this afternoon/evening as a courtesy.
Of note, the worst band on the face of the earth will be playing live from approximately 3:00 pm until midnight. And they are LOUD. Probably a relative, friend or current lover of mine is in the band because no one, and I mean NO ONE in their right mind would ever actually hire them for any venue. Ever.
Additionally, I will leave my neglected, un-socialized, hyper-vocal, flea-ridden dog tied on the other side of the yard for the duration of the performance. He will, of course, bark incessantly in protest of the melee but his cries will be drowned out by the awful, awful music. That is, until the band takes a break (which we have conveniently scheduled in conjunction with your daughter’s bed time). That will allow you ample time to experience his tortured cries solo.
I suspect that I will, predictably, get so drunk that I will get naked and end up in my hot tub (again) by or about 2:00 am. As you are well aware by now, alcohol makes be belligerent and loud, so I expect to pick a fight with one of my lingering guests and we will, inevitably, end up flinging garbage over the fence into your yard, as I am prone to do.
And finally, there will be fireworks.
I look forward to several visits from the local police department beginning 10:00 pm or shortly thereafter this evening. Your involvement is appreciated.