Friday, May 31, 2013

Family Style

Brad brought home a dining set last night!!! You’re probably thinking, “Who cares?” but that table and four chairs were a really big deal for me.

We have never had a dinette set for the entire four plus years of our marriage and eating like a vagrant in the living room every day was starting to drive me crazy. I hated how we didn’t have an official meal time because I was forced to make individual plates up for everyone. I hated how we inevitably ended up watching TV instead of talking. I hated how I couldn’t help but dribble food down my ever expanding middle section because I couldn’t sit up straight on our couch. I really am committed to living frugally and simply but it was really starting to get to me.  
Last week I finally had a full table-related meltdown (Truly. I WEPT. I am partially blaming pregnancy hormones on this one.) and Brad must have had an epiphany because last night after work, and in spite of the fact that he was exhausted, he drove 45 minutes to Carrollwood to pick-up a beautiful, only slightly used, maple butcher block dining table and four matching chairs.  

Harper was in bed by the time the table was set up so it was a surprise for her this morning. She was so excited when she saw it and kept repeating, “This is our table! These are our chairs!” over and over.  Then she immediately staked out a chair for herself (I guess the days of booster seats and highchairs are over for us, at least for the time being) and directed me to the chair opposite her. She requested “special breakfast” after I “scootched “her in, so I made breakfast cookies and hot chocolate and we enjoyed them together. At our table. It was wonderful!
Thank you so much for the beautiful table, Brad! It is truly the best gift you have ever given me!   

Our new baby.