Wednesday, February 11, 2015


If you are easily grossed out this may not be the post for you. That being said...

... Today Harper had an urgent bathroom situation at the aquarium. She got to the stall just in time, and then, for no particular reason, decided to narrate the blow-by-blow action. Loudly. To a room full of people. 

Harper: "Wow! There is so much poop! Can you smell that?"
Me (mortified): "Yup."
Harper: "I have never had this much poop before. I really hope I don't break the potty."
Me: "Me too. That would be so, SO terrible."
Harper: "Wait! Is there glitter in it?"
Me (rubbing my forehead): "Oh... I hope not." 

The finale was the Walk of Shame past all the other stalls (because, of course, we were in the very last stall in the back of the facility) and past the row of sinks, nodding to the snickering crowd in embarrassed acknowledgement of the awkward things they had been witness to.


Later, we were in the car running late for an appointment when I took a wrong turn.

Me: "I'm going the wrong way. We're going to be late." 
Harper: "That's OK mommy."
Me: "Thanks, honey."
Harper: "I will show you which way to go."
Me: "Thank you."
Harper: "You may get lost, but I will help you anyway."
Me: "Umm... thanks."   

Finally, in an ironic twist, Will can pronounce the word "babble" perfectly.