Monday, February 13, 2017


I had my heart set on a Valentine's Day shoot this year, if only because we never got around to it last year. Harper had school off Friday so I got the kids dressed and we headed out. Of course, by the time we left the house the lovely morning haze had burned off and it was too bright out for the kinds of photos I wanted. And also the kids were already tired of having their pictures taken before we even started, of course.

I got these two exceedingly marginal photos...

... before this started happening.

So we went home and did this for a while.

Notably, the kids were significantly more cooperative for round two.



Also, I have to say that, contrary to the evidence presented herein, I am nuts about my kids. I am so proud of how they have grown to be such loving siblings (usually). 

Happy Valentine's Day, from the Booker Pack!!!