Monday, November 30, 2015


I will stop posting about the new puppy soon. Probably. But not yet because this morning the kids wanted to play outside with the dogs while I made breakfast, so I got a couple of short videos of the melee.

Check out her hind end... she's got the legs of a kangaroo! And that tail kills me! She's already as tall as Willa and much longer. 

We're so crazy in love with her. She is absolutely the calmest, most responsive, most engaging puppy I have ever seen. We couldn't be more pleased with our sweet, lanky Mayflower!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Homeward Bound!

Today we got to bring our new puppy home! For those of you who have been waiting for the official announcement, we were inspired by the holiday weekend and decided to name her...

(We'll call her May for short.)

I love it because it's clumsy-sweet, just like she is. And come on, is that face a May or what?! It's the perfect name for our perfectly adorable pup. 

So far she's been a dream. It's been the easiest transition I've ever seen. She just fits right in like she's always been here. And Willa is thrilled to have another dog in the house. I knew she was depressed after Maisy passed but I didn't realize how lonely she was. Gigi, on the other hand, is pretty irritated with the whole new dog thing. I think she just misses not being the youngest. She's all talk, though; they'll probably be thick as thieves in a week.

I'll post some adorable photos later in the week. They should be easy to come by. 

Now I'm off for the serious puppy cuddles.  


Today was supposed to be Puppy Pick-Up Day. Brad took the whole day off for the related festivities.

We headed over to Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center to get our girl and, after a forty minute wait in line, were informed that there had been a mix up; instead of getting spayed last Wednesday as planned she wasn't spayed until this morning and they forgot to call and let us know. We were holding out hope that they'd let her go home this evening but we just got the final word from the vet: no puppy today. Now we can't pick her up until late Sunday afternoon. We wasted Brad's entire day off waiting around for them to let us know what was going on. 

I spent some time with her between being passed from staff member to staff member. She was in post-surgical exhaustion but still managed to wag her tail when she saw me. She really is a great pup. I so wanted to scoop her up and take her home so she could rest in a cleaner, more comfortable environment. I wasn't even allowed to go in and pet her. 

I'm so aggravated! We just want her to come home!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving! We have a little something extra to be thankful about this year... we'll be bringing this little girl home from the county shelter on Saturday! We're so excited! 

She's a (~) five months old, 36 lb, German Shepherd mix (I never thought I'd own a German Shepherd), and the sweetest, most gentle dog you'll ever meet. She's also got the legs of a deer. We're hoping she'll grow into them. 

We're thrilled to have found such a nice pup and we're sure she'll fit right in to our family! 

We started thinking about adopting another dog a couple of months after getting Maisy's diagnosis. Of course, the whole thing was put on hold when she got so sick, but we got pretty serious about it after her passing. 

I have been very particular about temperament this time around. With a dog with an enlarged heart, an old, sick cat, a kitten and two young kids in the house, we really needed someone who would fit right in without being a huge project. We were much less concerned with breed; we just wanted a nice, calm, friendly, younger dog (someone we'd have for many years to come) with an easy-to-groom coat who would grow up to be huge and look intimidating. 

I had been to the shelters about ten times in the past week and a half and looked at a dozen dogs, but none of them were quite right. There was the doberman who was nice until he started to go kennel-crazy (luckily, his owner redeemed him), the "pit bull" who was an absolute dream with the kids (truly, she could not have been sweeter or more patient and calm) but tried to murder the dog in the run next to us, the mastiff-mix who was too afraid to move outside of her run, the "boxer-mix" who was the bull in a China shop, the stunningly gorgeous weimaraner/greyhound/"pit bull" mix who was too busy to notice we were in the run with him... and the list goes on and on. Then we met our pooch and knew she was for us.

The only hiccup has been naming her. We're stumped. The following is a list of name suggestions.

From Will:
Purple Head
Summary: Will prefers a tried-and-true name.

From Harper (this is only a partial list of her suggestions as she has been quite prolific):
Princess Sparkle
North America
Happy Thanksgiving
Fancy Nancy
Turkey Leg
Mashed Potatoes (this is not helpful, Harper.)
Summary: Harper likes a noun that sounds like it might be a name to someone visiting from one of the outer rings of Saturn.

From Brad:
Erika (I'm pretty sure he was just listing the names of girls in his second grade class)
Angry Bird (Harper: "We could call her 'Angry' for short!")
Tom Osborne
Bradinia (nice try, Brad)
Summary: Brad really needs to move on from 1980.

From Me:
Astrid (Courtesy of Vanessa)
Zinnia (We'd call her "Z")
Summary: German names. Nature names. Something uncommon.

So far the only name we are remotely agreed on is Clover, which, to her credit, was a Harper contribution (so sorry, Becky, if we end up with a dog named after your daughter). 

So how about it, people?! We need name suggestions and we need them before Saturday!

And have a Happy Thanksgiving, from the Booker Pack!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


The kids "dressed up warm" this morning because it was "freezing cold" inside the house when they awoke. It was 65 degrees. 

That's what happens when your kids are born in Florida.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Maisy Joonbug 

Today we said goodbye to our sweet Maisy Joonbug. After nearly five months of battling cancer, it became very clear this morning that her pain was too great. I took her out for one last pack walk and took some final photos to remember her by- not that we could ever forget her. 

Then we let her go. 

Maisy was the best dog we could have ever asked for. She changed my life. I became interested in dog behavior because of her. She mock-nursed dozens of bottle-fed kittens; mothering them in a way I never could. She brought balance to innumerable dogs, and became the matriarch of our pack. I will always remember her sweet puppy face, her patient demeanor, and her loyalty. 

Thank you for being my dog, Maisy. Thank you for being my teacher for 13 years. The grief I feel now is so great only because of how deeply I loved you, but it is worth everything to have had the honor of knowing you.

Rest now, sweet girl. You have earned it.