Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Little Announcement

Our big sister in training.

Sorry I haven’t been posting many updates recently. The reason is that I was afraid I was going to let the big news slip. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, we are officially expecting another little Booker. It feels so good to finally be able to spill the beans!
Not that everyone hadn’t figured it out already anyway. I’ve been dry-heaving twice a day like clock-work since Christmas. Good times. Plus I’ve been showing since I was about eight weeks along. Seriously. They are right when they say you show much earlier the second time around. But it’s not even the good “I’m-so-cute-with-my-little-baby-bump” type of showing. It’s more like the “Jeez, she’s-really-put-on-a-lot-of-weight-recently” showing. 
Harper has already picked out names for her new sibling:
Spider for a girl and Butter for a boy.   

My due date is mid-August, so we figure anytime in August is fair game for D-Day. Harper was two weeks early so I’m hoping this one will be too. (Let’s be honest, what pregnant woman doesn’t want a full-term but a little on the early-side baby, right?) Truth be told once 37 weeks hits I turn in to a bar tender at closing time; “All right kid, I’m not saying you’ve got to go home but you can’t stay here.” 
I'm a little anxious about how we'll juggle two but I guess we'll figure it out. Everyone does eventually, right? Right??? 
Anyway, I’m a lot more relaxed this time around. Brad says that will change. He might be right. Last time as soon as five months hit I started nesting like crazy. I was actually on a ladder five feet off the ground finishing the detail work on the mural in her room at 36 weeks pregnant. I’m not in any way justifying my actions, just relaying the facts here as I recall them.
But I do feel like we’ve got all the stuff this time around. All we need is the baby.
She has been very clear that she is happy to share everything with her new sibling except her dinosaurs. A girl has to set boundaries, you know.

Of course, I have been meaning to repaint the living room. And the tub in the front bath needs to be recaulked. And I’d love to retile the hearth. And I'd really love to plant a kitchen garden in the backyard…
Stay tuned for more of our wacky journey to multiple kid-dom! 
I can't imagine loving any kid more than I already love this one.