Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Blues

There are some great questions out there. Profound, intellectual questions that reflect man’s insatiable quest for knowledge since the dawn of time. Questions like, why does light sometimes act like a particle and sometimes like a wave? Or philosophical questions regarding the subjectivity of morality. But we don’t have time for questions like that. The real question around here is: what the heck color are Harper’s eyes?

Like so many babies, her eyes started out a beautiful blue-gray, and they just got blue-grayer as she got older (if that makes any sense). But by the time she was a year old they started to get small, brown flecks in them. Her pediatrician took the easy way out and just calls them blue (she’s a quitter). Currently we are calling them “blayzel” (as in blue-gray-hazel, but I’m not sure hazel is even a good description). Some people have said they look green but we don’t see it.

So, what do you think? Blue? Gray? Hazel? … or a horse of a different color all together? 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Bunny

We had a sparse Easter this year. Besides not being a big “Easter Family” (it didn’t even dawn on me that I should have bought jelly beans and chocolate rabbits until Sunday morning) everyone in our household is in the midst of suffering with a pretty nasty chest cold, so our meager plans were dialed down to the most basic celebration we could get away with. We ended up at the neighborhood park for a quick egg hunt and some quality family time. Then we topped off the afternoon with egg salad sandwiches for lunch. Harper was a trooper, and had a great time despite her cold.  

Brown eggs because we were too sick to go to the store to buy white ones. I decorated them with permanent markers for efficiency. It was a six minute project done under duress. 

They turned out OK.

My gorgeous girl in her Easter dress.

Harper's library book bag doubled as an egg basket for the occasion
(thank you, Wessels family!)

 Brad did a great job hiding the eggs.

 Harper "re-hid" one for us in the hollow of a tree.

 Brad tried to retrieve it, but it was stuck. Goodbye forever, egg!

 Then it was time to play in the sand.


 Our pretty Sand Princess.

 And would it be Easter without an Easter bonnet?

 This one reminds me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason.

Happy Easter, everyone!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Harper has been linking words together for a couple of months now. "More cracker" and "bye, dog" are old news. Recently, however, she's been adding pronouns, articles and conjunctions to the mix in addition to nouns and verbs,. For example, if I point to a daffodil she may say "it's a flower" or if she is looking at a picture of a farm she may say "cow and horse." But it was Brad, not I, who had the privilege of hearing her speak her first, full sentence.

On Saturday, Brad was trying to keep Harper occupied while I was hurriedly packing the car and finishing some last minute chores (which were taking an inordinate amount of time) so we could go to a petting zoo for the afternoon, when an impatient Harper said, “Let’s go in the car.” It wasn’t a suggestion, either. It was a direct order from an exasperated 17 month old.

Brad was thrilled he was able to witness this major milestone firsthand (he’s missed the last couple) and immediately called me over to tell me (and gloat).He is such a proud daddy!

I feel like that statement appropriately sums up Harper’s personality, too. “Let’s get out of here already, people!” she seemed to say. “We’ve got things to see and do and we’re wasting valuable time!”

That kid has got the joie de vivre, and it’s contagious.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

An Inconvenient Truth

Brad: "I hate Ikea."
Me: "I know. I think that if, in someone way, my life depended on you going there, you still wouldn’t do it. Like if a deranged Swedish terrorist infiltrated an Ikea and took me hostage as part of a global protest against tedious furniture assembly and you needed to bring a satchel full of cash for my safe release, I would be out of luck."
Brad: "You’d probably better stay out of trouble at Ikea."

And speaking of Ikea, I saw this today. April Fools!