Monday, April 2, 2012


Harper has been linking words together for a couple of months now. "More cracker" and "bye, dog" are old news. Recently, however, she's been adding pronouns, articles and conjunctions to the mix in addition to nouns and verbs,. For example, if I point to a daffodil she may say "it's a flower" or if she is looking at a picture of a farm she may say "cow and horse." But it was Brad, not I, who had the privilege of hearing her speak her first, full sentence.

On Saturday, Brad was trying to keep Harper occupied while I was hurriedly packing the car and finishing some last minute chores (which were taking an inordinate amount of time) so we could go to a petting zoo for the afternoon, when an impatient Harper said, “Let’s go in the car.” It wasn’t a suggestion, either. It was a direct order from an exasperated 17 month old.

Brad was thrilled he was able to witness this major milestone firsthand (he’s missed the last couple) and immediately called me over to tell me (and gloat).He is such a proud daddy!

I feel like that statement appropriately sums up Harper’s personality, too. “Let’s get out of here already, people!” she seemed to say. “We’ve got things to see and do and we’re wasting valuable time!”

That kid has got the joie de vivre, and it’s contagious.


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  1. Congratulations. Ya got yourself a genius. Now you're going to have to live with it. Best of luck.