Monday, August 14, 2017

May the Fourth Be With You

Will's Fourth Star Wars Birthday Extravaganza was yesterday. We had some friends over to the house and partied like the Death Star had just been destroyed. Will specifically requested three things for this birthday;

1. To be in a bubble.

2. A Light Saber Dance Party

3. Broccoli for dinner

I am happy to say that, over the course of the week, we served up all his birthday wishes and then some.

First, Nana and Pa sent and awesome new cement mixer! 

Then there was a trip to Tom's toys with the birthday loot from Grandma and Grandpa.

There was broccoli and cantaloupe for dinner on his actual birthday... 

... with a starter cake for dessert.

On Sunday, there was a little pre-party relaxing with a good read.

Double chocolate Star Wars Cake with strawberries, raspberries, and Nutella "frosting."

Dance Party lightsabers!

"Be in a bubble," quickly devolved into this...   

... and this...

... and some of this happened, too.

"Can't Stop the Feeling!"

"Iko Iko"

Sienna taking a breather.

I think it's fair to say that Sienna showed up Anastasia in lightsabering.

Natalie and Lola went on to take the finals in the Mommy/Toddler round. 

That face!

 state your name,
 do solemnly swear
to not hit any person with my lightsaber
but to only touch other lightsabers with my lightsaber,
upon penalty of death,

"Happy birthday to you!" 

"Make a wish!"

Happy, happy birthday, Wilson! You are our very favorite four year old!!! 

Monday, August 7, 2017


Between the move and a remodel across the country we needed a break yesterday, so we packed up the kids and headed to Morro Bay.

It was pretty overcast, but the temperature was perfect! It was so nice to be able to enjoy the beach as a family. And the kids had a great time digging in the sand and wading through the surf.  


"Mommy, I'm camouflaged!"

We have missed you, Morro Bay!