Sunday, December 18, 2016


Will's in a Iko Iko kind of mood these days. I mean, all day, EVERY day. He demanded we film him singing about a dozen times tonight. (Warning: this may be the cutest thing you'll ever see.)

"The 'jock-a-mo fee-no ai ne-ne' part is my favorite part."

Friday, December 9, 2016

Winter Recital

The Bookers have had a rough past couple of weeks. Like, unbelievably rough.  All I want is to close the curtains and hide away with my family in our little home.

Little by little I've been joining the real world again, though. Today was Harper's first violin performance. I'm so glad I braved the outside to attend the recital. 

Brad wasn't able to join us (who has a recital at 1:00 pm on a week day?) so I videoed it for him. I could not be more proud of our little Vivaldi.  

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Birthday Bash

We celebrated Harper's sixth birthday party today. It was Minecraft-themed, as that is her current obsession. This year we tried to keep it simple with just a few close friends. I baked a couple of small chocolate cakes, stuck some Minecraft toys on top and called it a day. Then we let the good times roll at Water Works Park.   

Our party goers.

I think I get this same picture every year: Fiona and Zoe helping Harper blow her candles out. This year it was all staged because the wind was blowing too hard for candles.

Harper was onto us.

This was some sort of zombie run. Obviously.

Elijah has become quite the athlete recently.

He's the only kid who Brad knows who will watch football with him,
so he has an open invitation to hang out at our house.

Mimi was in excellent spirits... 

... unlike Birdie, who kept her unbroken streak of crying every time I look at her in tact.

Declan is Harper's new friend from school...

... as is Armando (whom Harper refers to as her "hugging friend"). 

I like to call this one "Collusion."

Serious business.

End of the day.

Thanks to all our dear friends who made it out for a very special SIX year old birthday!   

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Birthday Girl

Today our sweet Harper turns six years old. Tomorrow there will be cake and friends, but today we are enjoying her wacky, exuberant little self. 

Happy birthday, darling Harper. You are the heart of our family.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Last Day/First Vacation

Hurricane Hermine produced an serendipitous five day weekend, which we are still enjoying. It was also Harper's first school break, so we're making the most of it. Yay for days off!

This morning I took the kids to my favorite alley (with the gorgeous painted fence) to get a five minute photo session in. Our favorite neighbor, Shane, popped in for a couple of shots, which worked out perfectly since he has kind of been our third kid recently. 

I hope everyone had a great few days off!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Birthday Boy and School Girl

We've had a lot to celebrate, reminisce, and get used to this week. Will turned three on Sunday and Harper started kindergarten today. Where have my babies gone?

For his birthday, Will wanted to go to "the hotel pool" and "swim with cousins and friends." Despite some obvious challenges, I did my best to fulfill his wishes.

We planned a swim date at a local hotel pool only to get rained out the day of. So the MacWherters came over for cake and ice cream instead. Later on the kids christened all Will's new trucks and tractors (which are numerous) with Play-Doh. Then we went out to Evos for a special treat: hamburgers and french fries. All in all, it was a success.   

The birthday boy!

As per his instructions, a chocolate tractor birthday cake. (Harper helped decorate.)

Everyone helped blow out the candles.

Three year old wish!

Play-Doh and tractors.

Dinner out.

We had to get up at the break of dawn to get Harper to school on time this morning. And even with 35 minutes to drive the six miles to campus, after the car line we got Harper to school exactly two minutes before school started. I'm dreading pick up.

Five years old and cute as a button on the first day of school!

Our little Sprocket! (Please ignore the toddler in his PJ's. It was all I could do this morning to get that kid to school on time the way things were.)
 We are looking forward to seeing what this next year brings!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Norwegian Holiday

We were so lucky to have our dear friends, Pat and Vanya, come for a visit. They were on holiday from Norway, so they were able to squeeze a long weekend in with us before heading out to California (or The Homeland, as I prefer to call it). They also brought along their charming nephew, Sebastian, whom we were delighted to meet for the first time.

Pat used to work with Brad back in the day at the Cal Poly Organic farm before I worked there (and before he had even met Vanya, for that matter!). I met Vanya at a dog park event and eventually trained her in dog behavior. So, as you can see, our history runs deep.

We had such a great few days showing them around Tampa that we completely forgot to take pictures until literally fifteen minutes prior to their leaving. And even then I forgot my nice camera, so my phone was all we had to prove they were ever here.

Sebastian fell in love with the new popsicle place in Ybor. 


Our crew.

Much of photo time was spent coaxing Will to sit still. But this is the only good photo of Sebastian that I was able to get.  


I'm not really sure what's going on here.

Will took a real shine to Pat.

Harper was inconsolable when they left.

Look! I got in one, too!

Well, two.


Thank you so much for coming all this way to visit, Pat, Vanya and Sebastian! Looking forward to popsicles in Norway with you!