Sunday, April 3, 2016

On the Subject of Death

Harper: "If I died would you be very sad and cry and cry a large river of salty tears and your heart would be broken forever and ever and you would never forget me?"

Me: "Of course!"

Harper: "If you died I would be sad, too."

Me: "Thank you. But everyone is very healthy so I don't think you need to worry..."

Harper (interrupting): "And then daddy would have to marry a new woman..."

Me (to myself): "Well, he wouldn't HAVE to get remarried."

Harper: "... and I would have a new mommy. Will the new woman be nicer than you?"

Me: "I don't see how that could be possible." 

*Please note her use of the word "will" as in daddy is definitely going to marry a younger, prettier replacement mom before your body is cold in the ground and she will obviously will be a much better parent than you are currently. Nice.