Sunday, November 29, 2015


Today was supposed to be Puppy Pick-Up Day. Brad took the whole day off for the related festivities.

We headed over to Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center to get our girl and, after a forty minute wait in line, were informed that there had been a mix up; instead of getting spayed last Wednesday as planned she wasn't spayed until this morning and they forgot to call and let us know. We were holding out hope that they'd let her go home this evening but we just got the final word from the vet: no puppy today. Now we can't pick her up until late Sunday afternoon. We wasted Brad's entire day off waiting around for them to let us know what was going on. 

I spent some time with her between being passed from staff member to staff member. She was in post-surgical exhaustion but still managed to wag her tail when she saw me. She really is a great pup. I so wanted to scoop her up and take her home so she could rest in a cleaner, more comfortable environment. I wasn't even allowed to go in and pet her. 

I'm so aggravated! We just want her to come home!

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