Sunday, September 18, 2011

Girl's Day Out

Some of you may remember my recent post where I gushed about Project Runway’s co-host, Tim Gunn. Well, what I did not fully disclose, dear readers, is that shortly after writing that entry (I believe it was the next day, actually) I discovered, much to my surprise and delight, that Mr. Gunn would be hosting a fashion show at our local mall this weekend. I won’t bore you with the details, but I was able to finagle a ticket to the after-show soirée. My good luck was due entirely to a chance meeting with an unusually kind insider who could tell I was a big fan. So yesterday Harper and I got all dolled up, grabbed enough gear and supplies to intimidate even the most seasoned of Sherpas, and headed out to the mall for the afternoon. (Let me also state here, for clarity, that Tim Gunn is one of the very few people for whom I would attend an event at the mall.)      
I knew we were going to have to be early to get good (read “any”) seats, so I timed it so that we would arrive just over an hour prior to the show. And it would have been perfect, had we been 5 minutes earlier. It seems everyone else in town had the same idea because the last seat was filled just as I walked up. No matter, we had a terrific view of the cat walk standing just behind the last row of seats (although I would later come to regret choosing a spot in such close proximity to the speakers).

I found this photo on the web, text included, so I'm not the only one.
Tim was as gracious and dapper as ever, and I got a little thrill to see him in person (if seeing him from the back row of a mall venue amongst a crowd of 700 people or so can be considered “in person”). However, the tides of fashion fortune were not with us yesterday. The show, which was already scheduled in the middle of Harper’s lunch time, started a little late. Harper, who was too fascinated by all the goings on to eat a real lunch, had grown tired of me appeasing her with Cheerios. As you can imagine, a hungry almost one-year-old and a loud, crowded fashion show do not a good combination make. So we left.  
I was hoping I could feed her quickly and we could get back for the post-show party but, by the time we were finished a line of immense proportion had formed outside the reception area, so we skipped it. (Remember the line from the scene in A Christmas Story where Ralphie and Randy go to visit Santa at the mall after the Christmas parade? It was that line. What is it with malls and lines?)  
Anyway, it was fun to get out for the day and do something girly with my girl. Here’s a clip of the beginning of the show. I was much closer to the stage than is evident from this footage (I was only four rows back). And please try to ignore the shrieks from the fussy kid strapped to my chest. Enjoy!        
The "Silver Fox" himself.

P.S. Yes, the co-host for the event was named Leah, too. I kept imagining that Tim was speaking directly to me every time he said her name.    

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