Monday, December 19, 2011

Conversation With a Toddler

Harper: Hi!
Me: Hi!
Harper: Flaw!
Me: Flower?
Harper (insisting): Flaw!
Me (pointing to a flower on her shirt): Do you see the flowers?
Harper (pointing at the wall): Flaw!
Me: No, not flower. Map.
Harper: Dog.
Me: No, not a dog. Map.
Harper (pointing at the cat): Maow.
Me: Yes, cat. What sound does the cat make?
Harper: Hoo! Hoo!
Me: The owl says hoo hoo! What does the cat say?
Harper : Maow!
Me: That’s right, the cat says maow.
Harper: Flaw!

Harper in action.

The cranial abrasions are due to her recent (failed) attempts at ambulating. I am trying to convince Brad (unsuccessfully, thusfar) to keep a helmet on her until she is over this phase. No need to call CPS. We have it under control (read: we in no way have it under control, but such is parenthood).Your concern is appreciated, though.

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