Friday, July 27, 2012

Party Pooper

This morning Harper was having her breakfast in her highchair when she suddenly tried to stand up (luckily she was strapped in) all the while exclaiming, “Poops! Poops! New diaper! Yucky, stinky!”

Me (unconvinced as I had just changed a soiled diaper): “Do you have poops in your diaper?”
Harper: “Yes.”

Me: “OK.” (checking her diaper) “You don’t have poops in your diaper. Your diaper is clean. Do you want to sit on the potty?”

Harper: “Yes. Potty. OK.”

She runs to the bathroom and sits on her potty chair in her diaper for a mere microsecond and then stands up. “All done. All done. Blue diaper.”

Me: “You have a clean diaper. You don’t need a new diaper.”

Harper: “Blue diaper. OK. Great!”

Me: “Would you like to sit on your potty without your diaper and then we can put on your blue diaper?”

Harper: “Yes. OK. Blue diaper. Sticker.”

That's when it hit me: this kid is working me for a costume change and a sticker. She’s got it all figured out.

And speaking of costume changes…

Brad’s coworker returned from India yesterday with gifts for all of us, including a super-duper girly princess dress for Harper. Thank you Aglave family!
The dress was this big.
Harper’s “Blue Steele” (seriously, Brad and I were making the "Blue Steele" face
and she mirrored us).
What a face!

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