Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aquarium Visit

Last Saturday Harper and I visited the aquarium. Harper was thrilled when Brad was able to join us for about the last twenty minutes of our tour. I was not, however, able to get any photos of them together as we were in the Coral Reef area of the aquarium at that point and our old, sickly camera can't (or won't) take anything resembling quality photos with so little light. No matter, we had a wonderful time anyway.

Hello horseshoe crab!

Well, hello to you, too!

Attempting to climb into the mangrove exhibit (don't worry, I stopped her).

Fish et profile.

Harper stared at this tank for probably ten minutes. She can have such an impressive and unwavering concentration for a toddler when something interests her.

The Reef Tank is always a big hit, especially when there are divers in the tank (of which there were five on this particular day). Plus the lobsters were pretty cool, too.

Afterward we got burritos for lunch (per Harper's request) and the it was home for nap time. It was just a nice, relaxing family day.    

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