Wednesday, September 18, 2013

About Will

Will is officially six weeks old today. I can hardly believe it. It literally seems like it was just a few days ago that we brought him home, but that’s probably just the sleep deprivation talking.

We’ve been so busy around here I’ve hardly had time to gush about him, which is my obligation as a new mother. So here are some endearing factoids about the newest member of the Booker Pack.

1.     He was bald when he was born. I don’t mean bald like what most people say when they have a baby. I mean cue ball bald. I thought Harper was a baldy but she’s Lady Godiva compared to this guy. His eyebrows are invisible and he’s just now starting to get a fine, downy covering akin to peach fuzz atop his sweet little noggin
2.     He can sleep through anything. Harper can shriek, the dogs can bark, and there can be a Grade 5 hurricane and this guy will sleep like, well, a baby. It’s been wonderful.

3.     On that note, he’s really easy going. For the most part he is contented to watch whatever is going on, and he’ll put up with whatever poking, prodding and/or jostling Harper puts him through. He hardly ever cries and is sated pretty easily, which makes him the kind of baby everybody wants.

4.     He makes the strangest noises we’ve ever heard. Frequently. It’s kind of a growling/grunting but it’s really loud. He even does it in his sleep. I’ll think he’s waking for a feed and check on him only to find he’s passed out cold in his crib. Brad and I will just look at each other quizzically sometimes when he really gets going. Now that we're used to it we find it pretty amusing.

5.     He’s a moose. I have no idea what he weighs right now but when he was four weeks old he was bigger than a 3 ½ month old girl we met at the mall. And he has outgrown all of his newborn and 0-3 month clothing, and the 3-6’s are tight on him already. At this rate he’ll be in 6-9’s in a week. We’re either going to have to buy stock in Gymboree or just let him go naked until his growth slows down. (I vote for the latter; it is late summer in Florida, after all.)

6.     He’s just starting to coo, which makes my heart melt.

7.     He smiles with his whole face. Truly. Watch the video to see what I mean.

Actually, now that I have watched the video, I'm realizing how much my kids look alike. Talk about deja vu!

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