Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Fest 2014

It's that time of year again! Once a year we meet our friends for the Fall Festival at HorsePower 4 Kids and enjoy the day catching up. 

Unfortunately, the Lin-Blackburns were not able to make it this year. On the positive side, we hadn't seen the Maroudis family in nearly six months, so it was great to see how much the kids had grown (and grown, and GROWN! Ethan is a full head taller than Harper these days!). And the Drwiega's were able to make it, which was great because Harper was dying to spend some time with them. Of course, the kids always enjoy running around together. 

Yesterday was a beautiful, bright, sunny day, so my camera was unable to take any good photos. Oh well. I did get these, so we'll have something to remember.

Ava and Harper- together at last.


Oh, how I wish my camera were able to focus in normal light!

Our little pumpkins.

Brad especially enjoyed the hay ride.

Zoe was in perfect form.


Our Gang.

Enjoy this Fall weather while it lasts!

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