Tuesday, May 26, 2015

One Week Old!

We have some foster kittens staying with us temporarily. I know it seems like an oxymoron to have the words "foster" and "temporarily" in the same sentence but I keep having to remind Harper we aren't keeping them. 

Other than needing to be fed every couple of hours they've fit right in to our routine. You can tell you've fostered a lot of animals when the resident dogs and cat don't even bat an eyelash when you enter the house with a carrier full of screaming kittens. We have named them GiGi (the tortoise shell), Gandalf the Gray (for the gray tips of his hair) and Geiger (because you have to count everything with that kitten. Stupid finicky kitten.) 

Harper and Will, on the other hand, are besides themselves with excitement. Will has figured out how to climb on top of the washing machine so he can mew at them through the bars of the carrier, which drives me absolutely crazy. Harper just perpetually begs me to hold them.

Today is the one week milestone. Today we say farewell (and good riddance) to feeding every two hours. They are actually starting to cuten up, too. Instead of skinny little hairy slugs they look much more like fat marginally bigger hairy slugs. Their ears are starting to perk up and their eyes are just starting to open. They are pushing up a little on their legs and, impressively, can climb up the face of the carrier to get a better shrieking vantage. Go kittens! 

So let me know now which one/s you'll love forever. If all goes well they'll be looking for forever homes come mid-July. And who can resist a kitten, anyway? 


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