Friday, January 22, 2016

Island Vacation

Brad's parents very generously treated his entire family to a week long family vacation on Anna Maria Island. We just got back and are still de-vacationing. 

The weather was a little cool but, for those of us who have experienced an unseasonably hot winter this year it was a welcome change. And, except for the tornado, it was beautiful. 

The kids spent all week alternating between playing at the beach and swimming at the beach house in the (barely) heated pool. They ate nothing but fruit and cheese sandwiches and were perpetually shivering. Basically, it was the happiest I've ever seen them. Plus, it was Uncle Ed's birthday, so that made it extra celebratory. (Photo Credit: Ed Booker)

Brad's mother made matching skirts for Harper and cousin Zoe, and picked out a complimentary country-western shirt for Will so Uncle Ed could get some portraits of the kids together. 

Our attempt at a family photo. Nailed it.


I think Harper's face says it all here.

This is the only one of Nana smiling. I love it.

The Bookers. 

After the photoshoot, we headed down to the beach and I got a couple of quick shots. 

It was such a relaxing week I simply didn't get my camera out to take the pictures I wanted to take, so on the final day I got a couple of final shots of Brad and the kids before we headed out.

It was wonderful to see all the Bookers! We need to figure out how to make this an annual event. Thank you again for a wonderful week, Ann and Daryl!