Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Circle of Life

Having a child is life changing. There is a reverence that you feel holding that sweet baby in your arms for the first time. He seems so tiny and frail, yet, there seems to be a universal wisdom behind his eyes. What would he say, you wonder, as you gaze down at him in wondrous adoration.

And then he begins to grow. His tiny fingers grow plump. He becomes more animated. You spend your days chasing him around the house. But still, when he sleeps, you glimpse that same wise sage you saw upon his birth. He is a peaceful shaman willing to impart to you the wisdom of the ages. But you are unable to understand.

Soon his coos and gurgles become words. He swims tentatively in a sea of consonants. "Dah-Dah" he forms carefully from his bowed lips. "Muh-Muh." 

Little by little he begins to speak; a "dog" here, a "night-night" there. Our worlds are beginning to collide. What are you thinking, my little one? 

And then, one quiet morning, he looks at you with those same sage eyes and says, "Mommy is a silly, poopy head."  

And the spell is forever broken.


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  1. Your words of wisdom are inspiring. They brought a tear to my eye. When I choked on my taco. I also coughed for 10 minutes from aspirating tortilla. Never again will I read your blog while eating.