Monday, June 20, 2016


So, Father's Day morning Brad went for a run with Mayflower and came home with THREE dogs. One belonged to a neighbor but, so far, no one has come forward for this guy.

He looks pretty much how I would expect May and Willa's offspring to look. He's maybe seven or eight months old, and has a beautiful fawn coat, but pretty small at just 25-ish pounds. He's nice, and has fit right in with the dogs/cats/kids/general melee. Plus he has good house manners and is walking well on leash with our pack.
We're calling him Puppy, because we're not keeping him. So now my backyard looks like this...

... or sometimes this:


He didn't even bat an eye when Will grabbed his tail. He just smiled at him and licked his face (side note: kids are terrible to pets).
Harper: "Can we have a puppy?"
Me: "You have a puppy! May is a puppy! She's literally right next to you!" 

I can't figure out what his story is. He's well fed and nice, has good house manners and complains if he's alone, which would lead me to believe he's been an indoor dog.
But he was a MESS when I got him: covered in fleas and tar and fly bites, and his ears were DISGUSTING, plus his tail is scarred (likely from a flea allergy) like he's been a yard dog his whole life. Also, he has old and healing bite wounds on his face and sides. And no, I don't think he was a "fighter" or a "bait dog" (cue rolling of eyes). He is GREAT with dogs (very relaxed) but unsure about new people, which makes me think he's been kept with a pack of dogs in a yard and hasn't had much exposure to people (although he has warmed up very quickly). Anyway, we'll probably never know.
May is just thrilled to have him around to play with.

So let me know if you have a wonderful family in mind looking for a petit, handsome little "pit" mix. I just happen to know of one who fits the bill.  



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