Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cuteness Update

It occurred to me that, for a blog that I started to post photos of my adorable daughter, there are decidedly few photos of my daughter posted. I intend to correct that.

Brad bought me a Flip for Christmas. For those of you not In The Know (as I wasn't) it is a very small, very easy to use video camera. It is great for getting short clips of Harper. The only problem is that it has taken me until now to learn how to download videos from it. They're nothing spectacular but here are a few:

This is the first video we took, on Christmas morning. 

This was taken on December 27th.
I love her Candy Cane striped leg warmers and she gives the camera a beautiful smile at the end.

Everyone keeps asking how the dogs like her. See for yourself.


  1. Harper is adorable. Sometime she looks just like Brad and sometime she looks just like Maggie. Harriett says she definitely looks like Maggie.

  2. I think she looks like Maggie too!