Tuesday, May 31, 2011


There is a convent just down the street from our home. The nuns are very kind. They are Franciscans so they love our dogs and regularly stop to pet them and chat us up when we walk by.

The convent sits right on the Hillsborough River and the property is a beautiful little oasis in our neighborhood. The nuns they have generously allowed us to visit anytime we like. There are benches and a large patio and even a tree swing. We enjoy going there on warm days to sit on the cool grass and just watch the river.

Sitting there it's not unusual to see dolphins heading back to the bay, and the manatees go by on their way to their winter home. I've never seen an alligator but I know an eight-footer lives a few houses up and once I saw a small shark heading up river, although it didn't look particularly healthy. There are ducks on the property, too.

I took Harper there the other day so we could enjoy nature a little. It was a very relaxing morning. 

She sat on the lawn, happily plucking blades of grass and watching the ducks.

Her tongue has been like this perpetually as of late.

She was so cute, concentrating on grasping each blade
(and didn't even try to eat one!).

The end (and what an adorable end it is).

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