Sunday, July 17, 2011


Look what Brad brought home from work! This is Jesus “Crackity” Jones Junior, but we call him Junior for short.
I must explain the story of his long and involved name. Brad called me last Tuesday and told me (sheepishly) that a stray dog had showed up on the farm 4 days prior to that and he didn’t know what to do (besides hope the dog would eventually find his way home). After a short discussion I told Brad to bring the stray home and we’d figure it out somehow.  
This is where Brad and my stories diverge. Brad says he told me the dog was following Jesus around the farm (thus Jesus Jr.) but I swear he said Jose’ (the name of another employee). Of course, one cannot hear the name Jose’ without bringing to mind the Pixies’ Crackity Jones off of their classic album, Doolittle. So, accordingly,  I had been humming Crackity Jones for approximately 45 minutes by the time Brad got home with the little German Shepherd/Labrador mix. The name stuck.
Junior’s lucky. He almost ended up with Santa’s Little Helper as his moniker. Maybe that’ll be the next dog. Anyway, here he is:
I know, I know, I said German Shepherd/Labrador mix and here I am posting what looks like the picture of a Pit Bull. Maybe he has some Pit Bull in him, who knows? But I SWEAR, without the head gear those ears go up and he's a Shepherd/Lab mix. And his build is ALL Shepherd.  

He is good with our other dogs (2) and our cats (4). (Have I mentioned it's a real Noah's ark around here lately?) Plus Harper is crazy about him. He is crazy about Harper, too. But who isn’t?    

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