Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Catch Up

Has it really been a MONTH since I last posted? It hasn't been for a lack of wanting, I swear. It's just been CRAZY around here as of late. 

One recent event of note was that we flew to Utah to visit my family (read: I went on the plane alone with Harper while both of us had terrible head colds and Brad followed a couple of days later because he had to work but secretly I think he planned it that way because he did not want to travel with his miserably sick wife and fussy baby) . We stayed with my brother and his family and my parents drove down from Wyoming to meet us.

 First flight photo op! Harper and me curbside before rushing to catch the plane.

No one on my side of the family had met Harper before so we had a lot of fun spending time with the cousins and catching up. Mayhem, of course, ensued... and we were lucky enough to get some of it on video! My favorite clips include Brad's morning workouts with the kids:

... and Maggie Jane wearing high heels for the first time (she walks better in them than I do!):

Of course, there was Harriett's "Daddy and Henri" song, which is a chart topper:

I was remiss in my duties as I neglected to get footage of both Harriett's pajama fashion show and Hazel's zombie impression. Maybe next year.

Anyway, when we got back home Harper was EXHAUSTED for days:

We were eventually able to get her back on schedule and now she's back to her normal self, growling and all:

Thank you again, Bess and Micah, for your incredible hospitality! We look forward to doing it again, at our house, next time!

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  1. Good times! We'll start saving for our trip to Florida...if Micah ever gets a job:)