Thursday, August 25, 2011

Look What I Found!

While downloading some photos of Harper onto my computer this morning I found some pictures of us at Temple Square from our recent trip to Utah. I had no idea these were even taken, but I'm glad they were because they are the only known photos of our little family together. If we all look tired please keep in mind that Brad had just been on a 10 hour succession of plane rides to get in and Harper and I both had the world's worst cold.

Here's the photo where we're not at all ready.
Here's the obligatory wacky one.

And here we look like a normal family. Relatively speaking.

Here I am trying to nurse Harper surreptitiously on Temple Square. Note: there were no changing tables in the bathrooms in the Visitor's Center, which I found exceedingly odd.

Thank you mystery photographer!


  1. I just looked at these pics with Hazel and she proceeded to say 'ah they love Harper' and then started singing her song....daddy, harper, leah, brad....