Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgivingkah 2013

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! We were lucky enough to have Brad's brother here with us this year. He drove out all the way from Colorado to meet his niece and nephew for the first time. Needless to say, it has been way too long since we've seen him, so it was great to have him here and catch up. And Harper and Will really loved getting to know their Uncle Ben.

Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin

Ben's trip was delayed due to scheduling and one nasty storm so he got in a couple of days late, which worked out just fine for us. We ended up celebrating Thanksgiving (or The Great Feast of Starch, as its known around here) on Saturday instead of Thursday. Then we had all day Sunday to spend at Honeymoon Island. Of course, I was compelled to take pictures for posterity.    

 Uncle Ben

Harper loved playing with Ben.

Making a sand cave for the dinosaurs (naturally).


Trying to look natural (doesn't Ben just look like a bigger, hairier version of Brad?).

Harper chased...

... and chased...

 ... and chased the gulls.

We finally got her to sit still for a minute.

Ben is a little stiff in front of the camera. 

It didn't help that Brad was doing his impersonation of a high-fashion photographer and saying things like, "Be sad.... sadder... so sad. Yes, that's it! Now you're a tiger! Growl, human tiger!"

Of course, Brad hates having his picture taken, too. I think it's a Booker-thing (except for Harper, who LOVES having her picture taken, proving the rule).

After all the beach fun and photos Harper got to run around on the playground with Brad and Ben while Will and I took a break.

On Monday Brad went back to work so Harper and I took Ben and Will to the Florida Aquarium. It is Harper's absolute favorite place in the entire world, and it was the first time that both Ben and Will had been to an aquarium, so it was an extra special trip.  

Obligatory shot in front of The Ray.

With both of the kids.

I love this one.

Monday and Tuesday Ben was out at the farm with Brad doing guy stuff (which I imagine to be eating battered things, driving farm equipment, wrestling, and talking about killing things with their bare hands). Brad desperately needed to do guy stuff. Ben ended his tour d'Tampa by getting lost and, in true Booker form, risked his life driving around the ghetto for about an hour before coming to his senses and calling to get directions. No visit to Tampa is complete without risking one's life.

Anyway, the week went much too quickly and now Ben is making his way back to Colorado. Thank you so much for visiting, Ben. Let's make sure we do it again before another five years pass!      

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