Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Year End Update

Happy belated New Year from the Bookers!

We opted out of a traditional holiday card this year due to time management issues, so please don't feel slighted that you didn't receive one. No one did.

Instead, we humbly offer this virtual update. We hope it will suffice.

Brad had a good year. He is now a full fledged partner at the research farm and really enjoys his job. He helped facilitate the growth from one location in Dover to a second in Thonotosassa. Not only does he balance a busy workload but he has been spending more time with our growing family as well as setting aside some personal time for working out and spending time with friends. He is a great husband and a wonderful daddy.
2013 has been the year of (barely) controlled chaos for me. I knew learning to juggle two children would be a challenge, and it is. I love being at home with the kids but I've also been trying to get out more and find ways to use my brains and talents so I don't feel like being a mom defines me. (Plus, you can only take so many conversations about going potty before you feel like you're going to lose it.) I am so grateful to have a supportive husband and, let's face it, the cutest stinkin' kids ever. 

Harper, our little busy bee, is taking toddler Spanish and a preschool preparation class and just became a Level Two Swimmer. Becoming a big sister was a big change at first but she loves her little brother and is such a great helper around the house. Her vocabulary continues to grow by leaps and bounds daily (truly, that kid has a crazy vocabulary). Her favorites this year include learning about basic anatomy and physiology (yay Bill Nye the Science Guy!), animals (but especially amphibians, reptiles and, of course, dinosaurs), spending time with her friends, making new friends, pretending she is a dog, and reenacting How the Grinch Stole Christmas (starring Harper as the Grinch).
Will has had an eventful year. In addition to being born, he has spent quite a bit of time babbling, teething (and, in a related story, drooling), rolling over (both ways), holding his feet, and sitting up in his car seat if he isn't strapped in (it really startled me the first time he did it!). He is a sweet, happy boy who loves to smile and laugh and just be around people. He has been such a wonderful addition; it's hard to imagine a time before he was a part of our family. We look forward to watching him learn and grow and experience new things every day. 

Also, my obsession with documenting every instant of our family life continues. I took these photos this morning. The album is entitled Christmas Jammies. Enjoy!


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