Monday, March 24, 2014


At dinner tonight the conversation turned to the subject of morality. Specifically, theft. At one point Brad turned to Harper, who was listening intently, and asked, “Do you know what stealing is?” “What?” Harper asked. “Stealing is when you take something that doesn’t belong to you,” I answered and Brad added, “… because you lack moral fortitude. Do you know what moral fortitude is?” But he didn’t have a chance to finish because Harper jumped off her chair and scurried into her room while Brad and I continued the conversation.
A minute later she returned with this:

… a plastic model dinosaur(?), monster (?), post-Apocalyptic mutant from Hell (?) which she found at our neighborhood park a couple of weeks ago. She is now very concerned about the little boy or girl who may be missing it. 

So if you know to whom the Stuff of Nightmares belongs please let us know. It has had a hot bath and been tucked into bed every night since it has been under our roof. (To be clear, it was tail-less and forelimb-less when she discovered it.) Harper truly hopes it will find its way home to the little boy or girl who loves it (straw not included). 

We are so proud of our little moral compass! 

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