Monday, March 17, 2014

Luck O' The Irish

The thing about green food coloring is that it immediately renders everything it touches visually unappealing and, therefore, unappetizing.

Due to the fact that both Brad and I have more than a little Irish heritage, I felt obligated to celebrate St. Patrick's Day today (however feebly). As such, when Brad got home from work he and Harper made a leprechaun trap (which promptly caught one very sneaky and quick little leprechaun), then we had green eggs and pancakes for dinner (green eggs and ham would have been more poetic but we've got a lot of vegetarians around here), plus Harper walked around all day with a rubber snake. And then there is this:

Irish eyes are smiling.

Yes, that is green food coloring in her bath. 

Yes, it is likely I will regret this later.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, from the Bookers!

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