Thursday, May 15, 2014


To be blunt, Will has been a little constipated. Ever practical, I decided to give him apple juice in a bottle to "loosen him up" a little. 

What's important to understand here is that I nurse my babies (no pumping) so Will has literally never drank anything from a bottle before. (Harper only saw her first baby drink from a bottle a couple of weeks ago and she was completely fascinated with all the paraphernalia involved in that feeding process.) Accordingly, I had to dig our one-and-only bottle out of the back of the cabinet from whence it has sat since it was gifted to us back when I was pregnant with Harper.

So, without further ado, this is what a breastfed baby looks like the first time he "drinks" from a bottle:

Is it weird that I'm proud that he is completely clueless?  

P.S. Please note our well behaved, attentive dog in the background, hoping for stray blueberries.

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