Friday, May 9, 2014

The Tractor Birthday

Alderman's Ford Regional Park

Well, the birthdays keep coming around here and, unfortunately, neither Brad nor I are immune to them.

Brad's forty-something-th birthday was a few days ago. Harper, our little party planner, decided he needed a "Tractor Birthday," which I interpreted as a farm-inspired celebration. Brad was indifferent about the whole thing save two details: he wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and he wanted to spend some time with the family. (He was also excited about the possibility of presents, but he'd never admit that part.)

Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (detail). 
Clearly, frosting is not my medium.

I got it together at the last minute and baked a sheet cake and frosted and decorated it with a farm motif before making a country-style dinner, complete with mashed potatoes and gravy and Brad's favorite roasted root vegetables (that man is a sucker for parsnips and beets). 

After we blew out the candles, Brad opened his gifts from the kids: from Will, a brand new Nebraska Cornhuskers T-shirt to replace the threadbare one in his closet and from Harper, a copy of You Are Stardust, which is their favorite bedtime story to read together. Then, on Sunday, we went for a family (and dog) walk around the two mile loop at Alderman's Ford Regional Park. It was really nice.

Brad and Harper's bedtime book.

Will enjoyed his dinner thoroughly.

A Happy Birthday balloon for Daddy!

The Birthday Boy lighting the candles.

Happy birthday, Brad! You just keep getting better!


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