Saturday, July 12, 2014


I love music. Growing up, there was a lot of music in our home, which is one of the reasons I was so insistent on getting a piano. I can hardly wait to make Harper and Will take lessons and practice. When they pound away on the keys with their tiny, grubby fingers, my friends ask me if I'm still glad we brought the piano home and my answer is a resounding, "Yes!." The dissonance is the sound of joy. Every home should be filled with music.

Brad loves music, too. He is, however, completely tone deaf (which is weird because he can tune a guitar). And, so far, Harper seems to take after her daddy in that particular respect (she does have exceptionally good rhythm, though). Will, however, just might be a budding little musician. That kid loves to sing and, even at eleven months old (yes, he's eleven months old now!) he is trying to match my pitch. It's pretty cool to see him develop his talents. 

Earlier this week he discovered the piano and now, if we let him, he'll regale us with mini-concerts; howling away and banging on the keys with gusto (much to the cat's dismay). Last night was one of his more subdued performances, but you get the idea.      

P.S. Did you notice Harper's request for more dinosaurs? That girl is all dinosaurs, all the time.

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