Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You're Invited to a First Birthday!

Will is almost one entire year old! I can't believe how quickly this year has sped by.

Before I get sappy and nostalgic I want to invite you all to his upcoming BIRTHDAY BASH! I know myself well enough to see there is no way I'm getting proper invitations done this year, so please excuse the informality. We really do hope you'll attend.

The birthday party has been cancelled. Will awoke at midnight with a fever. Sorry, all.

This is a very casual affair. Come and go as you please. Please do not bring gifts but if you feel moved to bring a small pot-luck item that would be nice. Or don't. I have a feeling there will be a ton of food. Do bring swim attire for the kids if you'd like them to enjoy the fountains. Other than that we'll just all enjoy the day gushing about how big the Birthday Boy is getting to be and how cute he is.


When Harper was little it was just the two of us spending our days together, so I feel like I got more of a chance to experience her babyhood. But with two kids I feel like I'm barely treading water most days, so time is just speeding by. That's the thing about babies, you know they're only little for a short amount of time, but you only get a one month old for one month, and you only get a six month old for one month, and so it goes on and on until you suddenly have a toddler. You get the picture. And so, as I write this, with Will on the brink of toddlerhood, I want to take a minute to record the wonderful and new things about him right now. 

The theme song for our pool days:

He is talking! "Mama" was his first word at eight and a half months but it was quickly replaced by "dada" and, now, "daddy." He also says "no," "bye-bye" (although it sounds more like "buh-buh") and "doggy."  He repeated "yellow" several times but I almost don't want to count it since he was only parroting it and has no idea what it is. He also growls on command, sympathy coughs and will make the "Jaws Sound" (duh-DUH! duh-DUH! DUH-DUH! DUH-DUH!) in crescendo when we chase a screaming Harper around the pool. And, of course, says, "Yeah!" when he "Stirs the Pot." We have one funky baby.

He has a total of four adorable teeth in his head, although he is currently cutting an additional six (as my right shoulder will attest). His incisors are the most prominent as his two front teeth have yet to make an appearance (any minute, though, poor shoulder!), so we hear our fair share of Dracula jokes. I think he looks just precious, though! 

He claps, blows kisses (you should hear adorable smacking sounds) and plays Peek-A-Boo. But his favorite pastime, by far, is rearranging furniture. I have never seen a baby relish moving/tipping over chairs and tables the way he does. Brad jokes that at least he can fall back on a career in furniture moving if college doesn't work out. Then today he did this: 

He started in Harper's room and pushed it through the hallway, through the dining room and eventually all the way through the living room to the front door. Then he turned it around and pushed it back again. Go Will.

I just want to snuggle that boy up and savor the last of his babyhood. Heaven knows there isn't much of it left!  

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