Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Birthday Do-Over

Let's try this again. 

As many of you know, Will's first birthday party was scratched last week due to an unforeseen fever the early morning of. It turned out to be nothing of note and Will bounced back just a few hours later, but you can't exactly say, "Hey! Come to my kid's birthday and have cake! He's probably fine..." so we just cancelled the whole thing.  

Anyway, it's back on. Same basic form and function. We hope you'll be there.

Will's birthday is officially cancelled, again, due to a nasty ear infection. He was up every 45 minutes last night. Brad and I are zombies this morning. Sorry. We really did give it a valiant effort. Maybe next year.   

Of course, this is a very casual affair. Come and go as you please. Please do not bring gifts but if you feel moved to bring a small pot-luck item that would be nice. Or don't. There will be a ton of food. Do bring swim attire for the kids if you'd like them to enjoy the fountains. I will bring a sheet cake so we can get our party on. We hope to see you there!

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