Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Monkey Business

In case you missed it, Will is officially a walker! I've been meaning to post this ever since the big event last week but I've been busy chasing my new toddler around. (Urgh! Just typing that word hurts!)

These aren't his actual first steps (we were lucky enough to get Harper's live) but they're pretty darn close. This clip should be entitled, "Try, Try Again." These days he often walk with his arms suspended over his head, much like a cherubic, hairless, baby-scented orangutan. 

Doing "The Will."

Now here we are a mere week later and you can see he's really coming along in both form (less orangutan arms) and function (running away from mom under Harper's tutelage). 

Other things of note happened at the library today, too. For example, Harper was kind enough to put on a puppet show...

... which rapidly deteriorated into bedlam. Naturally.

It reminds me of the "plays" my brothers and I would put on for our parents in our youth. They always involved a bevy stuffed animals, were virtually devoid of plot and typically ended in all of us laughing hysterically. 

I can't wait to see what Harper and Will come up with together. They're turning into quite the duo so it should be good.  

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