Saturday, December 20, 2014

Winter Dance Recital 2014

We just got back from Harper's Winter Dance Recital. She was a Snowflake Fairy, which was a relief because she was not happy with the Jack O' Lantern-themed ensemble she had to wear for the fall recital. 

Dress rehearsal (our costume wasn't quite completed, but close enough).

Posing for a class picture. 

At the end of class the girls were told they had a special guest.

Harper was tickled when she saw who it was.

Santa Claus! 

Zoe's mom was unable to get off work tonight so I made the girls take some photos in costume before the performance. Harper was too excited to stand still for them.

The Snowflake Dance was wonderful (although I ask that you please excuse the first 15 seconds of filming; I was sprinting to the front of the auditorium to get a better vantage point). Harper starts out fourth from the right. As you can see, she was very enthusiastic and emotive. It was adorable.

After curtain call it was a zoo.

Each girl got a medal for their participation.

One more pose before the evening's end.

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