Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2014 Year Retrospective

I hope everyone had a great holiday season! We really celebrated around here, and as a result I have been embarrassingly remiss in my blogging duties. I truly apologize.

I have learned to live with the fact that a beautiful holiday card featuring a glossy photo of our family in matching Christmas sweaters is just not in the stars for the Bookers (did I mention that both the computer and camera decided to take an early winter vacation within four days of each other and two weeks before Christmas?)Please believe me when I say in all sincerity that we would absolutely have sent you a card if we could have ever gotten it together enough to have had them made. But we didn't.   

So this is intended to be what is now the second annual Booker End-of-the-Year Retrospective. A virtual holiday card, if you will. Please enjoy it in the spirit that it was intended. 

Will had a great year. He easily transitioned from walking to running and from pulling himself up to climbing on top of the dining room table. While parroting every single word he hears, moving furniture and dragging tree limbs around the yard continue to be favorite pastimes, he has recently added singing and playing whatever musical instrument he can get his fingers on to his repertoire. He also grew... 

... and grew... 

.... and GREW! 

In a terrifying change of events, Will developed a life-threatening allergy to cinnamon, which really put a damper on the holiday snacking (or CinnaFest, as I like to call this time of year). Finally, when not biting (when will those premolars come in, already?!?!?), he is very sweet and affectionate and friendly with just about everyone he meets. He just keeps getting more and more fun every day and we love every (lanky) inch of him!  

Harper continues to keep us on our toes and in our car transporting her from activity to activity. This year it was swimming, dance, music and Aquatots (a preschool science class through the Florida Aquarium). Although her first great love is and always has been dinosaurs, she had been cultivating a healthy obsession with all things ocean-related this year, as well. 

She loves spending time with her friends, making new friends, reading (a little), being read to, pestering the cat, drawing (mostly families of eels and sting rays), playing make-believe, begging us for a fish tank, being a big sister and requesting cinnamon on anything she doesn't want Will to touch. She is just about the funnest kid I know and we are so lucky to have her!

Our little aquaphile.

Brad had a good year. Little by little he's been working (slightly) fewer hours, which has been a huge help at home. He's also been reading more. Santa brought him a remote control helicopter for Christmas which ignited an interest he didn't know he had. We'll see where that goes. He is determined to take the whole family camping this year, and we are all really looking forward to spending more time together. He is a wonderful husband and a wonderful father to our kids. I cannot imagine a better, more patient partner with whom to spend this life. 

My year sped by. I'll be honest, I get a pretty nasty case of postpartum thyroiditis every time I have a baby. I have all sorts of symptoms that make me feel achy, rundown and just plain old. To further complicate things, Harper had a terrible case of the three-year-olds this year, so I was thrilled in October when we were able to kiss those goodbye forever (not that we ever loved her any less, but some days were easier than others to remember that). 

It takes a long time for my health to get back to normal post-baby, but I finally feel like I've turned a corner, and it's like a ray of sunshine. Now that the kids can be without me for a couple of hours on end I've decided to take on a few clients and I also bought a very expensive, brand new camera (!!!) for the photography class I intend to take. 

We are all looking forward to seeing what 2015 will bring! 
Happy New Year to you and your family from the Bookers!

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