Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Second Birthday!

It's that time of year again! Our sweet boy is turning two! He's been warming up by singing Happy Birthday non-stop and practicing blowing out candles.

Will's first birthday was a disaster. It was scheduled, then cancelled due to an ear infection, rescheduled, and then recancelled due to hand, foot and mouth disease (which turned out to be it's own kind of party). As a result, his first birthday was kind of glossed over.

This year we are determined to make up for it. We are taking our little all-things-engine-powered enthusiast on a family picnic and one-hour ride on an antique steam engine at the Florida Railroad Museum in Parrish. We are super excited!

Before that, however, we want to celebrate with friends. So you are cordially invited to an old-fashioned cake and ice cream, no-frills birthday bash! 

Let me assure you, the cake will not be this elaborate.

     When:            Saturday, August 8th
     Time:              4:00 PM
     Where:           Kate Jackson Park in Hyde Park Village
     Address:        821 S Rome Ave, Tampa 33606
     What:             Birthday Cake and Ice Cream!
     Other:            ABSOLUTELY NO GIFTS! Don't bring a single thing, unless you
                           want to bring suits so the kids can go in the fountains.

We hope you'll stop by to help us celebrate two years of wonderful Will!

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