Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Endings and Beginnings

This is going to be a tough update. 

I know that many of you are smitten by our two wonderful dogs, Maisy and Willa, which is why I've been procrastinating in writing this. The short version is that about a month ago we were stunned to find out during a routine veterinary visit that Willa has a very serious and untreatable heart condition. Thankfully, she is asymptomatic right now (truly, you wouldn't even know she is sick). The good news is that, after reviewing her ECG, the cardiologist believes she may have as much as a year with us. This is pretty miraculous as we were first told she probably had only a few weeks at most.

Our sweet Willa (AKA Wilda Beans AKA Beans because she is full of beans). 
Then, only two days after Willa's diagnosis, Maisy came down with what seemed to be an eye infection. After a week of back and forth to the vet and a consultation with a veterinary neurologist it was determined that she has stopped making tears in her right eye. We have ruled out all causes except a brain tumor, which is likely aggressive. We do not know how much longer she is expected to live.

Our wonderful pack matriarch Maisy Joonbug (AKA Maisy J, AKA Joonbug, AKA The Bug, AKA Joonbuggeous Maximus because, come on, she's the best dog on the planet).

As you can imagine, we are totally devastated. To lose one of our beloved dogs is awful but two find out we are losing both, and within a span of only nine days... it's just been a lot to process. Instead of wallowing in grief we are trying to stay positive. Both dogs have been officially retired: no more consults with my clients' crazy dogs (no offense to any of you with crazy dogs). We just want them to enjoy whatever time they have left.

Of course, Will is much too young to understand what is going on. It breaks my heart to know he will not have any memories of either of them. Harper understands that the dogs are sick and that there isn't anything we can do to make them better, so we are just going to love them and give them a good life and then they will pass away someday soon. I don't think she'll be able to fully understand the entirety of that until the time comes.

In other, happier news, we have a new member of the family. Our remaining foster kitten, Princess GiGi Kerfuffle VonKitten (working name), has officially joined our family. To be clear, I was absolutely not keeping one of those kittens, until she suddenly became super sweet and fit right in with the other pets and charmed her way into everyone's heart (especially Harper's). Then, on Sunday morning, as I was packing her up to show her at another Adopt-A-Pet, Brad asked if I had considered just keeping her. I think maybe our defenses were down after all the bad news around here lately but that was all it took. You should have seen the look on Harper's face when we told her.

The newest Booker: Princess GiGi Kerfuffle VonKitten (working name)  

So there it is. We have a new member of the pack and, in a short time, our pack will be changing again. And life goes on. 

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