Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Dilemma

I need some serious advice. I was browsing Etsy (mistake number 1) and stumbled upon this adorable gold charm, and now I have been obsessing about it for the past four days. There is something about it that speaks to me… even though I never wear necklaces and I NEVER wear gold I am convinced that it would become my “signature piece” and I would wear it all the time.
It’s not the money, per se. But still, after shipping it’s $30+ and to spend $30+ on something I’m not sure I’ll ever wear seems silly. Plus, to wear it I’d have to spend more money and buy a chain because, you know, I don’t own any gold. And now I’m not even sure if I love it as much as I think I do or just want it or because I rarely splurge on pretty things for myself.
So what do you think? Should I throw caution to the wind or be sensible? I need some input here, people.     
Please refer to the link here if you need more information before making your decision:

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