Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Project

I am currently savoring the last few days of having only one child. I just enjoy Harper so much and I'd like these next few days (hours? minutes? hopefully not weeks... ) to be full of memories for us to cherish. With that goal in mind we visited Tampa Upcycle yesterday to pick up some art supplies for a special mommy-daughter project.

Shout out to Tampa Upcycle!

Tampa Upcycle is a craft/art/sewing supply store right down the street from us in Ybor. All of the supplies are donated, traded or on consignment and you pay what you think the items are worth. It's a pretty cool idea and a crafter's dream. Harper's babysitter, an admitted crafting junkie, got us hooked on the place.

One rarely goes to Tampa Upcycle with a specific project in mind. It's more of a see-what's-available and be-inspired kind of place. Despite a pretty epic tantrum we managed to pick up some brightly colored cardboard letter and number flowers, some wooden beads, green satin ribbon and a paper glitter butterfly which "spoke" to Harper. So this morning we took our treasured foundlings and turned them into a butterfly garden which Harper decided, upon completion, she should give to her Nana who is visiting from Colorado (thank you for helping out, Nana!).


The final product was pretty cute. Harper had fun gluing the various items on some felt we had been saving for a rainy day (and gluing and gluing and gluing...). I hope Nana appreciates all the hard work that went into her masterpiece.

The Masterpiece.
Harper and her Nana.

I'm on pins and needles to see when our next little one will arrive. In the meantime, I'm crazy about our current wacky, fun, creative little project in the making.


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