Thursday, October 31, 2013


We had a quiet, stay-at-home Halloween this year. That did not dampen our evening, though. Harper and I carved our pumpkin (thank you Schmidts!) and toasted the seeds while we waited for Brad to come home from work. After dinner we had cookies, popped some popcorn and enjoyed It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown in costume while Harper savored her sole lollipop. Then it was (relatively) early off to bed.    

Our "scary" pumpkin. Harper was very specific about the design. She wanted an exact replica of a school drawing.

Harper insisted on going as "Dinosaur Bones," which I interpreted as "An Articulated Dinosaur Skeleton Exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History." She is an Apatosaurus and Will is a Tyrannosaurus Rex (obviously). I was going to go as the museum curator and make wall plaques for them but never got it together. Stupid sleep deprivation.

Dinosaur cuddles.

Sometimes simplicity is just what the doctor ordered. Have a wonderfully spooky Halloween from the Bookers!

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