Monday, June 30, 2014

Saturday Night Fever (and Adventures in Crawling!)

Will is crawling! He certainly took his sweet time but, much to our delight, decided to trade in his signature army crawl (a.k.a. The Inchworm) for actual, real crawling Saturday night. Just look at him go!

Our little speedster, burning up the track. Go Will! Go!

Of course, Harper wanted a piece of the attention action too, so we got some footage of her "doing ballet" (not to be confused with The Pogo) to the Nutcracker Suite. This footage was shot, obviously, mere minutes before bedtime.

Martha Graham reincarnated? YOU be the judge! 

Why do kids act like they're inebriated when they're tired? Oh well, at least we've got happy little drunks.

Sweet, silly siblings.

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