Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Early Bird

So I’ve been having some pretty serious “Braxton-Hicks” contractions all day today. Braxton-Hicks is in quotation marks because I’m not at all convinced that is what they are. They’re a lot more… intense than the ones I experienced with my first pregnancy or even earlier in this pregnancy. They are not, however, regular or building so I’m pretty convinced I’m not going in to labor just yet. Soon though. Very soon.

Too soon, in fact. The thing is, I still have too much to accomplish before Baby Day arrives. I absolutely cannot go into labor before the 2nd of August due to scheduling issues (more specifically, a lack of babysitter issues). And yet here I am, breathing my way through another “Braxton-Hicks.”
Depending on who you talk to I am either 36 weeks and 3 days or 37 weeks and two days along. My midwife (who firmly believes in the power of a woman’s intuition) told me she’d be happy if I got to 38 weeks gestation. I told her I’d put in the request but I’m pretty sure I have no control in the matter.

Send good thoughts.

7-24-2013. Self-portrait. No, it is not photo shopped. Yes, I am aware that it looks like I am attempting to smuggle a basketball under my tank top.     

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